Be Aware! We Must Limit Water Use !

We must Conserve,watch our Distribution,and our water Usage!

Water Distribution-

  • majority of of our usable water come from the surface and 96% of that is freshwater

  • some of the water that we use come from groundwater and 96% of that is freshwater

  • majority of U.S. water come from Texas and California

  • in rural areas majority of the water comes from groundwater

  • water in cities is brought from adequates since reservoirs are farther away from the city than rural areas

  • reservoirs are placed at a place with high elevation because that increases pressure which ensures the stability of water

  • water comes from large underground water pipes called water mains

  • would look very complicated if you were to look at it from the sky view ex: tree branches & tributaries forming a river

  • the liquid water goes from drainage pipes to septic pipes

  • then the solid in the septic pipes are slowly digested by microorganisms which cause the solid to sludges

Water Usage

Californians use 38 billion gallons of water a day

People use 100 gallons of water each day

the country that uses the most water is the United States of America

The least water used in the world see country's like Uganda and Ethiopia In the past few years California reservoirs have gone down

Californians have been showering and using water for many other things that are causing the water to go down and we are also in a critical droughts

It will take a lot of rain to end this drought

California needs 11 trillion gallons of water to end its drought

Californians use water daily for drinking gardening and showers

Every minute during showers 2.5 gallons are wasted and people can spend up to an hour in showers that is 150 gallons for a one hour shower

The People Involved with this Major Project

We need your help to conserve our water!

Ways to Conserve Water

  • The best way to save some water is to take less time in showers.

  • When washing a dog you should wash it on your lawn on a dry spot.

  • When washing your hands you should turn off the water when scrubbing.

  • Try to take 5-minutes showers instead of baths because you use 70 gallons of water.

  • You should wash your dishes when you have a full load. You will save up to 1,000 gallons a month.
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