Build a Better World by Reading

Milltown School District Summer Reading 2021

The importance of books

Books are anchors during life’s biggest storms; they are escape hatches when the world is too much to take; they are springboards to new ideas and understandings. Books are warm blankets and can save readers from the feelings of loneliness and heartache when they see themselves in literature. As students are discovering their place in the world, the books we provide them act as a guide in this discovery. Scroll down to learn about summer reading programs and suggested reading ideas. The book lists below were created in hopes of inspiring students to celebrate the differences in all of us. Click on each image to visit authors, see book trailers, and learn more about each title.

Summer Reading Programs

Fun for the Entire Family

Big picture

Suggested Reading Kindergarten to Grade 2

Suggested Reading Grades 3-5

Suggested Reading Grades 6-8