Genetic Check for Just $10+gst this Spring Mating and also get your Elite Young Aussie Red semen @ $10+gst

AXBCJ is now an ideal genetic check sire to use, he has made big gains with his new August proof. BPI 92 up to 175 now at 51% rel. HWI 73 now 123 and TWI 81 up to 155 ASI 80 up to 154, Protein +16 kg now +25 kg @ +0.24%, Production reliability now 78%. Temp 103, MS 104, Likeability 104

CJ is just $10+gst when used as genetic check with either JAMAR, AOTEAROA, RED MILE, SHAWSHANK, MT SCHANK, BLACKWOOD and FONTERRA

Team 2014 also made big gains with the August ADHIS proofs, axbFONTERRA BPI 135 now 201, axbGLADIATOR BPI 122 now 222, axbCOMMODUS BPI 147 now 212, axbTOPDECK BPI 145 now 209, axbBLACKWOOD holds at BPI 150, was 153

From Team 2014, there is very limited semen of Gladiator available.

It is very exciting times for Auzred Xb, seeing the first milking daughters of CJ and lots of calves and yearlings on farms from the 2014 team. We thank all those who are herd testing and are helping Auzred Xb to gain high reliability proven proofs for these elite young Aussie Red sires.

Montbeliarde update.

New genomic Montbeliarde sires GNOCCHI and FICASTONE, plus HARPER and FAUCITRE have been extremely popular with large volume sales, all three now have very limited semen available until autumn. Left in stock 75 units Gnocchi, 79 units Ficastone, 66 units Faucitre and just 59 units of Harper, please be quick if you want either of these sires.

There are still good stocks of genomic sires GUISSENY and FETARD

ELASTAR ISU 154, the #4 ranked proven Monty, big increase in daughters (67) now (266) in his latest proof, and has 229 daughters in his Type proof. His daughters are small, 25% smaller than the breed on average, but has an Overall Type of 100, Udders 115 and F&L’s 122, awesome sire for efficiency of production and the perfect choice for over large HF cows.

CRASAT ISU 164 the #1 Monty, daughters now milking here in Australia with very good reviews. Buy him in a November Special Pack below for best value.

November Specials;

USSAGE ISU 124 RRP $22 @ $18+gst

Very under rated sire, now with 811 daughters in his latest proof, high fertility @+1.5 Mastitis @ +0.8, Udders 110, F&L’s 110 , Type 99, Temp 101, leaves medium sized very efficient daughters, ideal sire for over larger cows.

NOVEMBER SPECIAL PACKS #1 Ranked Monty CRASAT/Team 2015 Elite Aussie Red 50 unit pack $1000 save $300

Crasat Special Pack, order 25 CRASAT and 25 of any of our Team 2015, Aotearoa, Mt Schank, Red Mile, Shawshank or Jamar and get the 50 units at an average $20/unit +gst. Crasat is RRP $40, so awesome value!

#4 Ranked Monty ELASTAR/Team 2015 Elite Aussie Red 50 unit pack $875 save $225

Elastar Special Pack, order 25 ELASTAR and 25 of any of our Team 2015, Aotearoa, Mt Schank, Red Mile, Shawshank or Jamar and get the 50 units at an average $17.50/unit +gst. Elastar is RRP $32, so again awesome value!

OLD FAVORITE SPECIALS; TIMOR RRP $18 @ $14+gst and old favourite SOLSTICE RRP $18 @ $14+gst

Wishing you all the best for the 2015/16 season


Steve & Karen

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