Fatima Johnson

A Colonial Apothecary

My Life as a Colonial Person


Have you ever think that Apothecary is pharmacist or doctor? Well apothecary is a pharmacist but in colonial times. And an apothecary is NOT a doctor. The good thing I’m here because I’m going to tell you!! Hi my name is Fatima Johnson. My cousins are Emmanuel Johnson, Haadiyah Johnson and Ryan Collins. My husbands name is Fahwad Johnson. I am a like a pharmacist but in Colonial times. I make medicines for sick or ill people. I am 21 years old. I live with my husband in a house. I live in the colony of Georgia.

I am a good person because I am like a doctor and make medicines or sick or ill people.

I am a good person because I help be people and kids. I am a service because I and other Apothecary make medicines.

I and other Apothecaries use lancet a small knife to draw blood, Starrers to clean their teeth, Mortar and a pestle, Weight and scales. We provided medical treatments, prescribed medicine, trained apprentices, Performed surgeries, And Served as men-midwives. In my house I make herbs and honey for my children if they are sick. Herbs can care anything! There aren’t many doctors. Some doctors or apothecary will cut your vane or cut you (MEN ONLY)!

I use some special tools for people and children. Here are some tools: Lancet is a small knife to draw blood, stares to clean their (children and adults) teethes. Mortar and a pestle, weight and scales.