2nd Six Weeks Newsletter

Hello, Jems Students and Staff!

This year is going by faster than I thought it would! We're approaching the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and now, more than ever, are your trips to the library ESSENTIAL! Please be reminded that the library is available to you in the morning, during lunch, and after school. So get ready to snuggle up with a great book this holiday season and enjoy what JEMS Library has to offer! Woohoo! Highlighted below are the events that the library participated in the 2nd six weeks. Thanks to everyone that helped promote library services!

Fall Media Conference - South Padre Island

I attended the Fall Media Conference hosted by Region One at the South Padre Island Convention Center on October 9th. I met authors such as PJ Hoover, author of Tut and Mari Marcusi, author of Gamer Girl! The conference also provided me with insight regarding trends in children's and young adult literature. I networked with other librarians and had a blast to say the least!

Halloween Lock In Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone that attended the Halloween Lock In at JEMS library! The library was able to fundraise money to help us purchase incentives for AR and more. More than 60 students attended. Congratulations to Christian Nieto who won first place in the Halloween contest! Also, a huge thanks to Cinemark Theatres around the valley for donating prizes for our lock in.
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Battle of the Books Round 2

Congratulations to Ahiled Vazquez, Karen Castillo, Karen Velazquez, Jessica Sandoval, Genesis Sanchez, and Cassandra Medellin for making it to Round 3! Remember the last round's deadline is December 2nd. Continue to read those books!!

Wonderful Lessons in the Library

Wonderful job to Mrs. Castillo's 8th grade College Readiness classes for utilizing the library's research area to find more information regarding the college application process. Students prepared to their applications for South Texas College. Ms. Castillo's 7th grade ELA classes visited the library to illustrate poetic themes and imagery for their Edgar Allan Poe unit which focused on Poe's famous poem, "Annabel Lee". Mr. Campos' 6th grade students participated in a Dewey Decimal scavenger hunt. The library now has wonderful signage to help you identify the major sections in the Dewey Decimal section of the library. Find the information you're looking for at your library. Also, a huge shoutout goes to all the students who have downloaded and utilized the Destiny Quest applications on their digital devices to gain access to all of Follett Shelf's e-books. Continue to read, read, read!
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Congratulations to the AR Teams of the 2nd Six Weeks!

Career Portals, UTSA, and University of Oregon took the gold this second six weeks! Remember to meet your goals and get those points!
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Students Who Met Their AR GOALS

Congratulations to the students that met their goals this second six weeks.

6th Grade

Yutzil Gamboa - Velasquez
Jose Olivares
Juan Olivares
Christian Prado
Carlos Barrera
Reymond Cantu - Vasquez
Francisco Montanez
Kevin Ramirez
Elijah Anderson
Abram Chavez
Estrella Frias
Joseph Garza
Adrian Perez
Jesus Perez
Angel Ramirez
Aglae Ruiz
Eber Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Samara Avalos
Shaila Guerrero
Enrique Hernandez
Montserrat Suarez
Sofia Varela
Oziel Sauceda

Nicole Elizondo - Balladarez
Yair Jimenez
Kevin Mercado - Miranda
Cynthia Silva
Candy Valadez
Jennifer Perez - Pena
Paulina Cabello
Clarissa Rivera
Melanie Ventura
Marilee Buentello
Elsa Gonzalez
Jenah Molina
Julianna Orozco
Kimberly Rivera

7th Grade

Kadence Gonzalez
Liliana Mascorro
Gilberto Lugo
Itzel Juarez
Erasmo Montemayor
Joselyn Montes - Torres
Francisco Ortiz - Mendoza
Alicia Ortiz
Lucinda Sanchez
Beatriz Zapien
Vanessa Garcia
Azul Villarreal
Marco Rodriguez
Jair Alfaro - Ramirez
Samira Garcia
Jared Molina

8th Grade

Martin Buentello
Katia Gonzalez
Aileen Melgoza
Orlando Molina
Vanessa Montanez - Serrato
Michelle Torres
Kimberly Trochez
Jason Olarte
Maria Aranda
Idalia Cordero
Luis De La Rosa
America Degollado
Cristian Dominguez
Jose Gallegos
Alexis Garcia
Nathan Garcia
Hugo Huerta
Ariel Acosta
Gasper Castro
Amanda Chavez
Amanda Fernandez De Lara Gonzalez
Jaydee Guillen
Salvador Hernandez
Christian Nieto
Jaimee Torres
Giovanni Valero
Heidi Cabello
Wendy Cano - Vela
Elizabeth Leal
Jessica Sandoval
Fabian Alaniz- Santiago
Ximena Avalos
Melanie Cruz
Erick Luna
Genesis Sanchez
Kassandra Sanchez
Preciosa Trevino
Daniela Gomez
Irene Guerrero
Amanda Acosta
Juan Alcala
Assannett Cruz
Astryd Martinez
Eduardo Nieto
Andrea Ramirez
Adamary Sarinana
Christian Alaniz
Alan Almaguer - Arrelano
Edgar Avila
Sylvia Balderas
Lizette Cantu
Alan Carlos
Kimberly Castillo
Demetria De La Cruz
Kayla Huebner
Cassandra Medellin
Giselle Mendoza
Emily Ponce
Rusbel Valdez
Ahiled Vazquez
Karen Castillo
Allyson Davila
Diana Gonzalez
Jaquelin Hernandez
Chasitie Izeta
Jaquelin Maldonado
Jonathan Perez
Mery Rangel
Sylvia Vargas - Fernandez

A total of 123 students met their goals! Keep it up, everyone!

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JEMS AR Millionaires

Congratulations to our JEMS AR Millionaires! We now have FIVE students who have joined the AR Millionaire Club!!


The librarian and the library ambassadors have been working EXTRA HARD to bring you new genre sections in the library. With about 60% of the fiction section complete, we now have Horror, Adventure, Humor, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, and Realistic Fiction sections. We hope this will make your library experience better and hope that you find the books that interest you. If you're not sure which book to choose, feel free to ask the librarian or a library ambassador for book recommendations.


All books are loaned for a two-week period. Please make sure to check the dates in the back of your book to see when your book is due. If you have questions regarding book fines, please visit the library. Make sure to take care of your book at all times and keep it in a safe place. Hope to see you soon!!