Recycle & Read

Coming Soon to the Library!

What Is Recycle & Read?

What is Recycle & Read, you might ask? Throughout the school year, the MJS Community updates their bookshelves by setting aside gently used books and sending them to the Library. What types of books, you wonder? Any and all gently used books: pre-school, elementary, middle and high school, and adult books. If you have a shelf of books you would like to part with and pass along to other eager readers, place them into small boxes or sturdy bags, label them "LIBRARY", and drop them off at MJS.

8th Annual Recycle & Read: When & Where?

The 8th Annual Recycle & Read Week will be held in mid-May, in the Library. The Library Committee organizes the event, inviting parents, students, faculty and staff to stop by and pick up books to take home, free of charge. Here are Recycle & Read dates to remember:

  • Now through May 12: drop off your gently used books at the Library
  • May 10 & 11: Recycle & Read Curbside Drop-Off on Euclid Avenue, 7:40-8:00 am (you can drop off your bags/boxes of books with the Girl Scouts during morning carpool)
  • May 13: Grand Opening of 8th Annual Recycle & Read Week, 7:30-2:30, Library
  • May 16-19: 8th Annual Recycle & Read Week, 7:30-3:30, Library

Would You Like to Volunteer for Recycle & Read?