Creator of the Computer and Navy rear Admiral

Scientist and Rear Admiral

Hopper, having enlisted in the Navy served in the computation base, went on and worked as a researcher for Harvard. She had a full research team help her program the computer and they programed it to become the first compiler. People were inspired by her work then and recognized her as who she was- an accomplished scientist- and we still admire her work on computers today. She also came up with the phrase bugs, because one day the computer malfunctioned and when they looked to see what was wrong they saw a moth stuck in one of the panels, so whenever there was something wrong with the computer they would say there was a bug henceforth starting a trend.


The early years of Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was born in New York City on December 9, 1906, and she was the eldest of three children. At a young age Grace Hopper was just a bit more curious than the average child. Hopper applied to Vassar and was denied at age 16, but was accepted the next year where she earned her bachelors and went on to Yale to get her masters. She was married but in 1945 was divorced all though she kept his last name because soon after the divorce he passed away. She made a discovery of the computer and people were very shocked. When she was 85 she pasted away the year being 1992.