You Have Been Warmly Welcomed

to Jenna Jones' Dinner!

Guest List:

My wonderful guest list includes:

Ziggy (Zion)

On The Menu Tonight:

Chicken Breast stuffed with Basil Pesto and a side of Steamed Asparagus
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Ingredients and Pricing

A 6oz boneless chicken breast filled with a rich basil pesto containing chopped basil, parmesan cheese, almonds, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, lemon juice and seasoned with salt & pepper.

-3-4oz bag of Boneless Chicken Breast (4 pieces) = $8.00

-Chopped Basil = Free (already have in the pantry)

-Parmesan Cheese = Free

-Almonds = Free

-Virgin Olive Oil = $1.99 for a bottle

-Parsley = Free

-Lemon Juice = Free

-Salt = Free

-Pepper = Free

-Asparagus = 2lb for $8.00

-Water = Free

All together it cost= $17.99 plus tax ($1.09)


Jell-O for 0.75 for everyone!
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Please Come and Enjoy a Hearty Meal with Me!

Final Price = $19.83

Cost for Everyone = $5.16