Sunset Feeder Excellence

January 11-15, 2016

Parent Conferences

We are excited to provide continuous improvement to our communication processes. Please ensure that your parent conferences are customer service oriented. In the fall, campuses had creative appointments such as:

* A sign in for a personal appointment sent in advance or available at each classroom- parents visited other departments during the wait

* Central Location for counselors, special programs and/or parent resources

* Welcoming Table

* Refreshments

* Communication Station

* Parent Portal Support

* Two-way communication for parents and teachers

* Administrative support in the building during all meetings

* An agenda for each meeting which supports positive communication

WAIP Follow-up

Please see several WAIP items this week which require timely principal follow-up. Additionally, please ensure you are reviewing and providing documentation for report card failure rates.

Principal Evaluations/School Visits

January 14, 2016 at noon
Wave 2 DTR application submission deadline


Principal Evaluation Instrument (PEI) on Principal Central

Meeting 1-

Team can assist in your presentation.

Meeting at Your Campus (Can schedule now through Mid-January- See Final Googledoc)

Meeting 2- Part II in ED office

  • Review Climate Survey/ACPs
  • Review Mid-Year Review Report
  • Next Steps
  • Meeting at ED's Office

AP Mid-Year Process November 30-January 15- One meeting only

Need to include progress monitoring of AP's.

Appointments sent to your calendar:

Mid-Year Part I and II

This Week...

Monday- Part I Moon a.m./Dr. Martinez 2:30 High School Parent Conferences with report cards

Tuesday- Middle School Parent Conferences with report cards

Wednesday- Part II Herrera, Marquez 4:45 TEI Expert 2-5 Literacy Cadre Begins at Nolan Estes includes Sunset Feeder

Thursday - Elementary Parent Conferences with report cards

Friday- Moon/Rojas Part II

***See WAIP items below which include required follow-up.



Texas Education Code

The Texas Education Code is available on-line. Principals should review the education code and board policy. Board policy is available on the Dallas ISD website. The Student Code of Conduct follows Chapter 37 of the TEC. Please review to learn more about legal requirements.

TEI Upcoming Dates

Mid-Year Review

  • Sign-Up Part I and II

  • Rubrics- Principal and AP

Spot observations clarification:

· Three spots must be scored per semester (all required to be entered, even those not scored)

· Entered within two working days of the spot into SchoolNet (DNA Regulation)

· Number of spots:

o No effectiveness level and Progressing II or below (10)

o Proficient I or DTR eligible (8)

o Distinguished (Proficient II or above) 6 (3 per semester- all must be scored, December is extremely short, approximately the first week )

· New Teachers through-out the year (with documentation)

o Train new teachers within 15 days

o Provide overview of Campus Action Plan

Please note that you must provide and document training and supports for new teachers through out the school year within 15 days (see policy/regulation above)

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