Civil Rights Monument

By: Iman Sehic

Martin Luther King Jr. Plaque

Martin Luther King Jr. is a very popular perhaps if not the most popular civil rights movement leader. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He debated careers and eventually became a pastor and a movement leader. He was involved in the famous Montgomery bus boycott. He was the main leader for the boycott and was even arrested for the boycott formation. King and other leaders organized a legendary march on Washington to support the civil rights bill. There he gave his legendary “I have a dream” speech. He continued to support and fight for voting rights for the black community until his death in 1968 after being killed by an assassin.

In my eyes...

In my eyes Martin Luther King Jr. represented everything that the civil rights movement stood for. He was a great symbol for the movement that will continue to live down in history. He is a hero because he with the help of others really did protest and worked hard for their beliefs. Not only did they protest but he led the whole movement behind the basis of complete peace. He supported peaceful organizations and protests. He understood that they would not get anywhere with violence and that it would only make matters worse. Even when he met difficulties he did not let that stop him. He continued to fight for his vision and the vision of many others to be able to coexist peacefully and have equality in America. Because of his tactics the movement did bring great new change that everyone had envisioned and hoped for. The movement forever changed America. He was a hero because he was wise, honest with the people, and determined to come together to fight and see change in the world for the better.

Ernest Green Plaque

Ernest Green was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1941. His mother was a NAACP member that protested against segregation and he would soon follow her footsteps for the civil rights movement. After the Brown vs. Board of education court decision, central high school became desegregated. He was the oldest of the 9 African American students to attend and they were always pestered by racism. Eisenhower sent guards in order to protect those 9 students form all of the threats that took place. He eventually graduated and still continued civil rights activity in Arkansas.

In my eyes...

Ernest Green did display many courageous characteristics like many civil rights activists during this time. To speak out was very risky and few did so because of the danger. Ernest was a hero because he did not only continue to speak out but fought for what he believed in and that was equality. He and the other 8 students did have to put up with a lot of physical and emotional bullying during this time. But they did not let that stop them and he was the first to graduate from the central high school. People like Ernest Green did really pave the way for the future of our nation. They encouraged and fought hard for the changes that we see today in our country. Anybody who does everything in their power to make a world a better place and makes a big positive difference is a hero ultimately. These young children had to fight for themselves and not only their future but for the future of many generations after them, that is why they were so influential and were truly heroes.

James Meredith Plaque

James Meredith became known as the first man to attend the University of Mississippi. He challenged the courts in order to fight segregation and be able to attend the university. Meredith graduated with a degree in 1964. He went through much racism in order to earn the degree, in 1966 he began the March Against Fear from Memphis to Jackson. He was shot during the march but eventually recovered and returned. He continued his education at Columbia University and joined the Republican Party.

In my eyes...

In my eyes James Meredith did really do incredible things as a civil rights activist. He continued his education and attended college as an African-American was a very dangerous and courageous thing to do during this time. There were many riots against the fact that he was attending the University of Mississippi. He continued to move and progress forward, fighting for his dreams regardless of all the threats and difficulties that tried to stop him along the way. Even after he was shot that did not even stop him permanently, he got back into the march to finally reach their destination of Jackson. He had many events that happened to him that he could have used as excuses to stop his education, or stop his march. He used absolutely no excuses and just continued no matter what, he never gave up and for that he was truly a leader and hero because of his determination and drive. He proved that you really can do anything if you work hard enough and put your mind to it.


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