Journal Entry 6

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 6, pages: 97-111

Chapter Summary

Many of people want to know more about Gatsby, trying to figure out every little detail, but the one person that truly knows the truth is Nick, Gatsby, after awhile, finally reveals himself to Nick, about his past. Ever since Daisy and Gatsby reunion, Nick hasn't seen them, but when he stops by one day, he sees that Tom is at Gatsby and sees them having a drink with friends. They later do come back to attend Gatsby party along with Daisy, which during, Tom often reveals his distaste for Gatsby. One of the times, Gatsby introduces himself, he admits knowing Daisy, which sets Tom off more. When people leave, and it's just Nick and Gatsby, Gatsby tells Nick of how he wants everything back to how it was before, him with Daisy, and them living happily together, which Nick tries to convince him otherwise.

Tom Buchanan


-He's married to Daisy

-Lives in East Egg with her and child

-Having an affair with Myrtle Wilson

-Heavily built, intimidating

-Rich and careless about his money

-Known as hypocritical, expects too much from people, yet he doesn't even live up to those standards, just as with his affair with Myrtle, he doesn't think anything about it, but then it comes to Gatsby and Daisy, he gets angry and judgemental

-Often racist and sexist

-Went to school with Nick

Character Summary

Tom Buchanan is not the best example of a man, he's rude, impulsive, then there is his body built; which is heavily built, like a football player, intimidating like. He is very judgmental, towards everyone. He often expects too much out of people even if he doesn't live up to those same morals. Tom is a very wealthy man and often just throws his money around. Although he overlooks his affair with Myrtle, but when he starts suspecting something going on with Gatsby and Daisy he becomes angry.

What did he say?


"I'd like to know who he is and what he does," insisted Tom. "And I think I'll make a point of finding out(108).

-Ever since learning about Gatsby, Tom is constantly dissing on him, trying to figure him out and to look for answers. Even Daisy and Nick come to Gatsby's offence when Tom starts to throw words around to figure Gatsby out. Since Gatsby telling Tom about knowing Daisy, Tom seems now more interested and begins to become suspicious of them.