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A Separate Peace is about a group of friends that are living through a time of war. Things were going well for Phineas and Gene; they had sports to try out for, "the tree" to conquer, and events to plan, but all of that was about to change. One day, Gene and Phineas had decided to climb "the tree". Things turned for the worst when Phineas fell out of the tree and broke his leg. Gene couldn't help but think it was his fault. Now their friendship is tested to the extreme with Phineas's leg being broken, and the rage of the war going on. Many of their close friends were drafted into the army and sent off to defend their country. The two friends couldn't help but think that they could be next. Now Gene will have to face the side-affects of the war and the suppressed guilt he feels for Phineas's leg. Will Gene and Phineas get drafted in the army? Will Phineas ever have a working leg again?

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Earn Trust to Build Trust