Odyssey Research Team

Dr. Mackenzie, Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Jace, and Dr. Landen

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Our Reasearchers

The Odyssey Research Team (right to left) Dr. Mackenzie VanDenBogart, Dr. Kennedy Green, Dr. Landon Fletcher, and Dr. Jace Shulfer.
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Dr. Kennedy Green's Comparison's Between Asteroids and Meteors.

Dr. Jace Shulfer's Plan to Destroy the Asteroid

  1. My plan to destroy the asteroid is to get all my fellow researchers from my classroom at NASA.
  2. We are going to build a space rocket and fly it into space. When we get into the asteroid's vicinity the rocket will release the nuclear bomb.
  3. The bomb will set the asteroid off course, away from Earth.
  4. After we do so we will fly to the moon and have ice cream then fly back.

Dr. Landon Fletcher's Risks That Accompany the Plan

  • Particles that emanate from nuclear bombs cause severe health issues and can kill. The bomb will be set off away from Earth's atmosphere, so the bomb radiation will not put anyone in harm's way.
  • The shell of the rocket and bomb could make it's way into earth's atmosphere but it would burn up.

Dr. Mackenzie VanDenBogart's Plan to Protect the Humans

How we are going to protect Earth's little civilians while Dr. Shulfer's plan is underway? Simple, Holes! We will evacuate the areas the asteroid appears to hit and those civilians will go into underground bunkers along with the rest of Earth's population. These bunkers will be organized by country, and families will remain together. We are prepared for everything from emergency fires, airlock systems, ventilation shafts, underground farming and agriculture, to underground hospitals. we are confident in the sustainability of these underground bunkers. If the nuking goes as plan these bunkers can remain intact for the use of future generations. We already ave worked out the food, medicine, water, and electricity limits and rations per household.


  • Civilians: Residents of a Country or State.
  • Bunkers: Underground living spaces that protect from bombs.
  • Nuclear Bomb: A deadly bomb that uses two nucleus'.
  • Jupiter: A planet in the solar system.
  • Mars: A planet in the solar system.