Buzzer Beaters in NBA playoffs

Top 5

Gar Heard and the Greatest Game Ever

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This was my fifth favorite buzzer beater because it gave the Suns a better chance of winning the game. The Suns were losing by 3 points when Gar Heard got the ball and he shot a 20-footer to tie the game. This made the Celtics and the Suns go into a third overtime. Although the Suns lost it was a great game.

Derek Fisher's Point-Four

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This shot was my fourth favorite because it helped the Lakers win that game and gave them the confidence to win the next game. The Lakers were in game 5 against the San Antonio Spurs and the Lakers were winning by 1 point. Then Tim Duncan shot a fadeaway and the Spurs were winning by 1 point. Then Gary Payton inbounded the ball to Derek Fisher after a timeout and Derek Fisher caught it, turned, and shot the ball in 0.4 seconds. The referees later reviewed it and the ball was out of Derek Fisher's hand before the clock ran out.

Big-Shot Rob sinks Kings

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This was my third favorite because after many people missed he sank the ball. The Kings were up by 24 points, but the Lakers came back and were trailing 99-97. Kobe Bryant missed his shot and Shaquille O'Neal missed the follow-up. Then Vlade Divac hit the ball to Robert Horry at the top of the key and he made the game winning 3 point shot.

Vinnie Johnson's Title Winner

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This was my second favorite because the guy who first had the ball passed it to Vinnie who made the shot. The pistons were the defending champions and were up three games to 1. The game was tied at 90 Isiah Thomas held the ball at 20 seconds until there was 6 seconds left so it was the last possession. He went to drive, but didn't and he passed it to Vinnie who shot and made it for the win and the title.

Jordan Hangs, Ehlo Descends

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This was my most favorite shot because it looked almost impossible and it was made by Michael Jordan who is the best basketball player in the world. The series was tied 2-2 and Cleveland was up 100-99. Chicago inbounded the ball to Michael Jordan who shot the ball with Ehlo right on him. They both jumped, but Michael Jordan stayed in the air much longer then Ehlo and made the shot winning the game.