Costa Blanca

The beautiful town of Comarca province in the Costa Brava region namely ‘Roses’:

The town as beautiful as the Rose flower:

This town with a population of about 20000 is situated to the north of Gulf of Roses, in Comarca province of Spain. This is actually located on the famous Costa Brava of the Mediterranean Sea. This town pronounced as ‘Rosas’ in Spanish language is known for its impeccable natural beauty. This town is also blessed with places of interest for the tourists. There are several forts, churches and museums which attract large number of tourists throughout the year.

Villas in Roses town is specially designed for comfort:

People who come to this town normally prefer to stay in the Villas that are located at several places throughout the town. The villas are specially designed for the tourist and offer much needed comfort and the privacy. Every care has been taken to provide all the facilities required by the tourists. In the first place, the villas are so located; it is very close to the beach as well as to most of the places of tourist interest. Even the utilities like the shopping malls, banks, hotels, pubs, restaurants are located very close to these villas.

They are located at places convenient to the tourists:

Further, the villas are so designed that the tourist can view the nature from anywhere in the Villa. In fact, he can even stay on his bed or in the dining room and yet get a spectacular view of the nature around the villa. Many of the villas in Roses have well furnished roof garden so as to enable the tourist to relax himself in the breathtaking beauty of the nature. Some of the villas also have furnished garden in the backyard. Most of the villas in Roses, Spain have private swimming pool with provision for playing sports like either basket ball or tennis and so on. Some of the villas also have provision of indoor games like table tennis. In short, villas in Roses are ideally suited for the comfort of the tourist.

Rentals are most competitive:

With so much to offer, you may wonder these villas are available at the most moderate rentals. For example single bed room villa with two sleeps and one bathroom and fully equipped kitchen with all other facilities like the television, internet and so on are available on a weekly rental ranging from Euro 500 to 750 per week. Of course, this depends on the carpet area, the season of the visit and such other factors. Some of the villas in Roses do not allow pets. Few of them also do not allow smoking inside the villa. Therefore, book the villa only after ascertaining the terms and conditions.

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