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Welcome to Lewis and Clark

Dear Blazer Family,

As the year progresses, we know you will have questions. We will continue to provide updates as we move forward. One of the ways we have been doing this is our monthly Check and Connect with LC Admin Nights. We hold these Google Meets at least once a month. Information is sent to your student's emails the day of the meet. These meetings are an opportunity for students and their families to log on and ask questions, or just get to know our LC community!

We also use ParentSquare as a way to communciate with our families. If you haven't yet created your account, please do so. You can find out more info by clicking the ParentSquare banner below.

Please keep in close communication with our staff. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and practicing grace. Please take care, keep your social distancing, mask up, and be safe.

We care about our Lewis and Clark Family!

~Mr. Nourani, Mrs. Norman and Mr. Long


Angel Lopez Garcia

Ms. Nunez

Analia Contreras

Mr. Hagler

Vida Acevedo-Barajas

Mrs. Sisson

Omar Esquivel Mendoza

Mr. Lemmon

Alicia Jasso

Mr. Hsu

Alexander Borges Sanchez

Ms. Pryse

Abilene Arellano-Cruz

Mr. Despain

Sonia Ibarra

Mr. Bonnett

Ricardo De la Rosa Sanchez

Mrs. Macias

Dominic Figueroa


Jayden Snyder

Ms. Preston

Victor Flores Curiel

Mrs. Lucas

Rayber Padilla-Verduzco

Mr. Lemmon

Nia Madrigal

Mr. Lunden

Romeo Mason

Mrs. Koler

Alexandra Arroyo

Mrs. Allen

Yennevie Pulido-Montes De Oca

Mr. Noel

Cooper Roscom

Ms. Scruton

Natalie Romero

Mrs. DeLuca

Danna Villatoro Lopez

Mrs. Coons

Moises Reyes

Mr. Emhoff

Maria Ortega Solis

Mrs. Helseth

David Barragan

Mr. Black

Dennise Hernandez Arambula

Mr. Levitan

Natalie Estrada

Mrs. Logan

Zaid Munir

Mrs. Schorzman

Crystal Contreras Guevara

Ms. Fortier: Math

Dennise Hernandez Arambula

Ms. Fortier: Algebra

Ieremiah Laupapa

Mrs. Canham

Katie Perez-Garcia

Mr. Helseth

Jose Vasquez Mendez

Mr. Lemmon

Oscar Lopez Caro

Mrs. Alexander

Jess Gonzalez

Ms. Dolezal

Brett Carino

Mrs. Beam

Jade Kukulka-Carpino

Mrs. Batali

Crystal Contreras-Guevara

Mr. Wolfe

Jose Vasquez Mendez

Mr. Cash

Enrique Arellano

Mr. Wuitschick

Moises Reyes

Mrs. Petterson

Julian Chavez

Ms. Mendoza

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Thank you to the Yakima Tennis Club for donating the tennis balls!

LC Attendance Updates

This year there will be a focus on attendance throughout the district and in our building!

We want you here every day - with a goal of no more than 1 absence a month!

Have your student start looking for their attendance certificate via email if they achieved this goal.

You can learn more about our district and school goals via the YSD Attendance S'more!

Contact Cassandra Acevedo Bautista at 509-573-2210 for Attendance questions.

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For the 2021-2022 school year, parents will not be asked to provide or pay for school supplies. All supplies will be provided for students by our schools and community partners as they are needed at school throughout the year. If your student is in need of any supplies - have them connect with their homeroom teacher!
If your student is interested in playing Sports, registrations will be online at

If you have any questions you may reach Brianna Mendoza at (509)573-2206.

Boys Basketball Meeting - Thursday, October 21st at 5:30pm - Virtual Meeting - use code LCBBBALL

** Physicals are good for two years unless it specifically states that it is only good for one year.**

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Drop off / pick up locations


Parents are encouraged to drop students off in the main parking lot located on the west side of our building, off 12th street. Parents can drop off starting at 7:20am. Students will enter the building through the commons doors. Please avoid the bus lane when dropping students off. First Bell is at 7:55am. Class starts at 8:00am. Common doors close at 8:05am. Students arriving after 8:05am enter through the front doors.


Parents are encouraged to pick students up in the main parking lot or on the back side of the building on Pleasant. Please avoid the bus lane on Pierce until after 2:45pm.

There have been questions about how to use the parking lot.

There are two outside lanes. Once you have your student, you may pull into the middle lane - we try to get that lane out faster.

If you are heading South on 12th, please try to use the outside lane (the one closest to the street).

If you are heading North on 12th, please try to use the inside lane (the one closest to the building).

We are trying to teach students to follow the rules of the road, please do not pull up on 12th and have them get in the car on the street. This backs everyone and makes the process even longer. Also, please do not encourage your student to cut across the traffic either. We make announcements about following the rules of the road and using crosswalks on a daily basis.

We are usually able to clear the parking lot within 10 minutes of school getting out. If those of you that pick up your students could help us out by following these expectations, the whole community will benefit!

(see images below!)


Student bus routes are posted in Skyward. Students are required to wear masks on the bus. Busses will be loaded from the back and dismissed from the front. Once at the school, students will enter the building through the commons. Students will need to show their attestations prior to entering the building.

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Dress for Success Info

Dress for Success

All students at Lewis & Clark Middle School will be expected to arrive at school Dressed for Success. This means:

  • Students must have an ID shown at all times. Lanyards are an option for IDs. Students will not be provided with lanyards. However, they may bring their own lanyard as long as it is purple, white, black, or gray in color. No red or blue on the lanyard.

  • Students are required to wear a mask at all times. No solid red or blue on masks. Neck gaiters and bandanas are not allowed.

  • Shirts allowed include collared polo shirts or button-up dress shirts in either SOLID white, grey, black or purple. T-shirts in either SOLID white, grey, purple or black with a logo no bigger than a standard post-it note are allowed. If the logo is too large, students will be asked to turn the item inside out. Shirts worn under the polo or dress shirt must be SOLID white, grey, purple, or black. The only exceptions are designated for special events, LC sports jerseys, or shirts students have earned as rewards from the school. Students wearing shirts that are not Dress for Success must stop by or be sent to the office to change into a “loaner” polo.

  • All Outer-wear; Coats/Sweaters/Hoodies/Sweatshirts must be SOLID white, grey, purple or black, with a shirt underneath, (see above). Any Outer-wear that is NOT dress for success must be removed prior to entering any classroom/gym or the commons.

  • Pants/shorts/skirts must be in the approved school colors; no red or blue other than blue jeans. Any rips in pants/shorts/skirts with skin showing must be positioned below the tips of the fingers with the arms extended down towards the feet. (fingertip test)

  • Items of clothing that are see-through, excessively tight, or distracting to the learning environment are prohibited.

  • Shoes and shoe laces may not have any Red or Blue.

  • Backpacks may not have any Red or Blue on them.

  • Hats are not allowed on campus. Hoods are not allowed to be worn in the building at any time.

  • Accessories such as hair bands, clips, necklaces, glasses, bracelets, bow ties, suspenders, scarves and earrings should not distract from the learning environment or divert from the dress code colors or be associated with gang affiliation. No red or blue items of any kind.


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Trading Post

School Gear for Dress for Success is available for purchase via the LC office. Contact Brianna Mendoza at 509-573-2206 or for more information.

Upcoming Events

Coffee with the Principal

Join our Principal on a weekly basis from 8am - 9am on Tuesdays to discuss ways to make LC the best place for your kids.

Call Mr. Nourani for more information - 573-2201.

Google Meets with Families

Join our Lewis and Clark Administrators for a check and connect meeting. During these meetings, we are here to answer your questions. These meetings will happen at least once a month. Google Meet information will be sent to your students school email account 30 minutes prior to the meeting.

Upcoming Google Meets -

Tuesday, November 9th at 5:30pm. - Topic is Tips in dealing with Teen Behaviors.

Tuesday, Novemeber 30th at 5:30pm - Topic is TBD.

Watch your email and ParentSquare for additional details!

Contact Us

Victor Nourani - Principal


Jennifer Norman - Assistant Principal / ASB


Steve Long - Assistant Principal / Athletic Director