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Download Youtube Videos

Many of us use videos we find online to make course concepts come alive for our students. But have you ever found the perfect video on Youtube or Vimeo, but next semester it has disappeared?

KeepVid is a free web application that allows you to download video files from many websites. All you need is the URL of the webpage that has the video you want to download. It's that simple!

Now you can have that video to show your students every semester.

Visit for more information.

Step 1: Copy the webpage URL where the video is located

Big image

Step 2: Paste that URL into KeepVid and click Download

Big image

Step 3: Choose the file format you want

Most likely, you want audio and video, so choose the MP4 720p option.
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You're done!

You now have that video file saved to your computer. Just remember to honor copyright and only use these videos for educational purposes!