For sale - Nissan Almera 1998 model

Price is very good - 1.690 million ISK

This car has a very good soul! Very nice price!

In the year of 2013 I bought this perfect car. He is my soulmate. This day was the best day of my life. When I drove him after i bought him i found a incredible feeling in my heart. He has a wonderful hole on his trunk that is wonderfully rusty. He has gotten through a lot of stuff on these two years that i have owned him. For example, I went with my dear friend, Björgvin Ólafsson from Hrepphólar in Hrunmannahreppur, to the basalt mine on his land on my dear almera. In that trip we accidentally made a hole on his fuel tank and in that same trip the brakes broke.
So he has been through some things with me. I don't want to sell but I have to because there is a big party coming up this weekend.
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Like you all see... this is a amazing car!

Are you looking for your first love?

This would be your opportunity to fall in love. <3
First comes, first gets

Only thoughtful persons will get this lovely vechicle.

About me.

Name: Sverrir Leó Björnsson
Adress: Smiðshús, Eyrarbakki
Phone: 848-3813 & 774-1945
Home phone: 483-1513

Hopefully will somebody who is good get my dear love.