News from the Wolffpack

September 2nd - 5th, 2014


We will begin reviewing place value and number sense. Last week students to their baseline multiplication quiz. This Thursday they will take their first multiplication quiz for a grade. If they correctly answer five or more than last week they will receive an 100, four more a 95, three more a 90, two more an 85, one more an 80, the same a 75, and fewer a 70. Students will continue to be scored in this manner each week, based on the number correct the week prior. Students will test out of the multiplication quiz when they complete 95 to 100 of the problems correct three times.


Oreo Behind the Scenes

The Great Oreo Challenge!

On September 17th all the fourth graders will come together and complete the challenge. First students will take turns stacking Oreo's to see who can build the tallest tower. All data will be collected and put on a line plot. Then the data will be analysed and evaluated for patterns. Now for the ART!! Students will take the Oreo's and begin sculpting creations. We would love to have parent volunteers! This takes place on a half day and begins at 8am.