School Psych Mid-Meeting Updates


Out with the Old

All of the old BASC, WISC, and WJ kits and protocols at special services will be in the trash sooooon. If you haven't made the switch, please do so now. If you have an old kit and/or protocols, please get rid of them.

SLD Reminders

If we are using the discrepancy model for a possible SLD student, but reading, written expression, and math scores are all low average or lower - meaning we don't have one average area, as criteria requires - be sure to test oral expression and/or listening comprehension. If one of those is average, then you can meet that requirement.

Elementary only: If we are re-evaluating a kiddo for possible SLD in reading but they have not been in RtI because they've been in sped, we can use the RtI method for SLD identification if the sped teacher has been doing DIBELS or AimsWeb ongoing progress monitoring. So, you can treat that data just as you would if it had been collected by the RtI interventionist. Of course, it doesn't guarantee the child will qualify SLD, but it gives the child the same 2 chances to qualify in reading as a general education child has.

Conners EC

We now have Conners Early Childhood via MHS.
Remember, with MHS you can print
a protocol if you need to.

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Summer Stuff

It's hard now to wrap our brains around doing anything over the summer, but we'll need some help with preschool screenings and evals, and probably with some acceleration testing. See the google sign-up for preschool. You can get paid your regular rate (minus taxes, etc.) or trade for a personal day.

We have at least two families who are requesting acceleration of 4-year-olds. We do these when we are all off contract. The pay is $130. (minus taxes, etc.) for the basic WPPSI-IV subtests and scoring a BASC-3. Easy-peasy.
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Two Re-eval Form Notes

When going through the re-eval form in Enrich and selecting areas to be evaluated, be sure not to select areas unless we are gathering new data in that area. A review of old data (school history, medical, etc.) is information we should consider at the re-eval meeting as we plan the re-eval. You can add all kinds of existing information and data into your re-eval report, just don't click the radio button and list it as a part of the new re-eval if it's existing information.

Review the consent form for re-evals (and initials) and be sure that everything you are going to test is listed, and nothing you're not going to test is listed. Those radio buttons are easy to miss, so please double-check what is on the consent form before the parent signs.

Elementary: Important RtI note

We have agreed that any kiddo going to another school (e.g., intermediate, middle) who was recently* DNQ or DNQ for anything other than speech will be put on our list (form 78 Student Planning Form) for the next psych. This is so that intermediate and middle schools will have a person to go to when they have concerns about a student and want to know if s/he has already been tested. The eval report should be in Enrich, so just list the student's name and note that s/he was DNQ.

*at least within the school year, earlier if you predict the next school will have concerns
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Robbin Williams. Robin Williams? No, Robbin Williams.

Yes, Robbin Williams.

Robbin Neal at special services is now Robbin Williams. This has been changed on the template that's on our google site. You can change this at the bottom of the cover page of your personal evaluation template:
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