Less Chores

Bethany Paprocki

I won't less chores

I want less chores because my mom piles on a whole bunch of chores and they expect that I will get it done. Everyone expects me to get it all done and that's why sometimes I can't get home work done. When i go cleaning with my mom i half to help I wish never half to clean stuff I wish someone else can do it like maids.

Why I would want less chores

Why I would want less chores is because I want to hang out with my friends and can get some of my homework done. Then sometimes my friends can stay over but they can't because I have chores to do.

How I could handle it

How I could handle it i would take chores by day. I would tell my mom and say can I do chores a little bit by day. But I guess my mom would probably would say no I wish we had maids to everything for us. that's how I would do it and my friends would hang out with me everyday.