That Was Then This Is Now


Delivering Justice

In Hinton's novel ''That Was Then This Is Now", violence was the dominant theme. It was rare if Bryon and Mark walked away from a conflict without physical contact. Many of the teens in this novel let their fists do the talking. Mark was all about delivering justice motivated by his desire to seek revenge. Mark and Bryon were close to an adult in the story named Charlie. Mark and Bryon got themselves into a gambling issue. The gamblers sought revenge on the sixteen year old's with a gun. Charlie came to Mark and Bryon's assistance. When Charlie tried to save the kids he was shot in the eye by the Texan gamblers. Mark snatched Charlie's gun he brought and began to shoot at the gamblers as revenge because they killed Charlie. Therefore, the author's message very apparent throughout the story.

Violence in Everyday Life

In 2012, an estimated 1,214,462 violent crimes occurred nationwide, an increase of 0.7% from the 2011 estimate. Physiologists believe that the main source of violence is from the lack of empathy in a person's life. Mark might have begun to be violent due to his parents shooting each other when he was young. There are theories that suggest teens become violent due to them copying the behaviors of those they look up to. Teens are effected by the environment they are around at school and at home. Therefore, if teens are living in a violent environment they will most likely become violent.

My Thoughts

My thoughts are that violence an be prevented. Violence damage people not only physically, but emotionally too. If parents take control and get their children help violence can be stopped or even prevented. Violence is wrong and effects everyone. Civilization continues to go downhill due to violence ruining society. Violence is a choice not a lifestyle.