December Nurse News

Are you ready??

There is only a week and a half until Christmas break! Only two and a half weeks until Christmas! Are you excited? Are you ready?

December brings visions of sugar plums and Santa sightings, but it also brings stress....lots of STRESS! Whether the stress is from too much family, not enough family, too many gifts, not enough gifts or too much or too little of anything else, it can cause you to rush through your break and wonder "where did the time go?"! Before you know it, you're back at school counting down to spring break. I want to encourage you to use some of your time off and take care of yourself. Refresh your mind, body and spirit. Too many times we are so busy, we risk missing the beauty of Christmas... or worse, we make ourselves sick!!

I wish you all peace and an enjoyable, healthy Christmas!

What?! There are Health Benefits of singing Christmas carols?! Then sing loud and sing proud!!

Follow the guidelines below to stay well so you can enjoy every second of your break...

Tips to help you avoid all of those holiday tempations that leave you feeling like Santa Clause...

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