Out First Assignment

Thomas Fyffe


I help with my scout troop, I help teach Karate, and i sing.

Family Info

I have 6 siblings, 2 full siblings and 4 step siblings. My parents both have remarried. I have 3 sisters, Ashley Berry, Aubrey Hicks, and Tori Wright. I also have 3 brothers, Archer Wright, Joshua Fyffe, and Daniel Hicks.

What happened over break?

My sister came into town from Wyoming. We hosted christmas dinner for both my dad's family and my step-mom's family. The transmission in my my car broke. My mom, brother, sister and I got in a car accident. Which totaled my moms car. To the right is a picture of a car just like mine. A 1996 Ford Thunderbird


I earned my blackbelt on June 13, 2015. I now help teach karate on Thursdays. I am going to my Church camp winter retreat this weekend. I am a member of the Belton Singers, and Concert Choir. I am The Vice President of the BHS Student Council. I also am a member of the Debate and Forensics team.