Digital Citizenship S'more

Todays Society

Self-Image & Identity

Digital citizenship - Means using digital media safely, responsibly, and respectfully.

Online ethics - A set of of principles and morals Governing peoples behavior, as it relates to the internet and digital devices.

What role does digital media play in a high school Students everyday life.

Digital media plays a big part in high school today! With texting, video games, social networking sites as a prime example. Texting can resort to many types of bullying such as cyber bullying and much worse. Now I know video games can be fun but there are thing's such as verbal bullying that often happen in video games. But here is a bigger problem Social networking sites with high school today everyone has that is a big problem today in high school.
Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)

Digital Footprint & Reputation

Consequence - The outcome of posting or commenting negative posts online.

Digital Footprint - All of the information about a person that can be found online.

The consequence of posting inappropriate comments online!

The consequence of posting inappropriate comments online, can hurt your future. Like Your job most of the jobs that hire now look on your Facebook, twitter, myspace, Instagram. Depending on what you post you can loose your job even after you get hired. You can also be shunned by the people you know.
Privacy & Reputation Online

Relationships And communications

Image - A representation of someone or something, Such as a photo or drawing, the way someone or something is preserved by something.

double standards - A rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people.

The Pros And Cons Of Meeting People Online

The pros of being online and meeting people online is great we all know the feeling but just because its fun does not mean there is danger. Yea they have the same interests but that does not mean its true. People can lie about their age, including their names, social standing ect.
Relationships and Communications


target - A person who is the object of an intentional action.

Upstander - A person who supports and stands up for someone els.

Bystander - A person who does nothing when they witness something happening.

Offender - A person who has malicious intent to hurt or damage someone.

The Importance Of Being An Upstander

Being and up standard can help in many ways and you would not even know it. Of course you may get a little spat with other people but you also gained the ability to stick up for others. Would you rather be the one who cares for others, or the by-standard who does nothing and watches people get hurt. Be a hero not a villain.
Cyber Bullying