Cavazos Middle School

It's Who We Are

Cavazos will be a B! We, Us, Ours, Together! It takes us ALL. It's Who We Are!

Mission: Progress for ALL

Goals: Literacy and 10 plus

Values: Positivity, Community, Growth

70% approaching, 30% meets, 15% masters

8th Grade Team Meeting Wednesday

Attendance Matters

Please let students know that you missed them whenever they return from an absence. Students cannot learn when they are not at school. Additionally, the district would have $2.4 million dollars more if student AND teacher attendance were where it needs to be.

Starting Second Six Weeks we will focus on perfect attendance for 3rd period. Each day that your 3rd period class has perfect attendance have the kids shout with you. Example: Mrs. Makuta's class has perfect attendance! In addition, we will have a laminated sheet outside your door to record the number of days that your class has had perfect attendance. Every time you have everyone in class, you increase the number outside of your door by one. PTA and the office are partnering to bring the winning class a prize- could be donuts or pizza or skating passes. Who knows what crazy joy will be the reward?

PBIS or SEL Tip of the Week!

Try the 2 by 10! Two minutes for 10 days:

Classroom Tip of the Week! 3 ways to deal with a chatty classroom.

Team Gravy Update!

Currently, Navy has 73 points and Grey has 53 points. It is not too late! Taco bar is on the line! Some fun ways to earn points for your team in the next two weeks: Thursday volleyball and Saturday volleyball tournament, attending after school functions, handing out leaves, tutoring, and covering classes.

Have you completed?

TTESS goals

Compliance Courses

Warm Hearted Wednesday- this week proceeds go toward United Way

This Week

Monday- Content Focus

Tuesday- PBIS Tier 2 meeting, 7th grade Football vs Dunbar @ Estacado

Wednesday- Warm Hearted Wednesday, 8th grade team meeting, 8th grade Football vs Dunbar @ Estacado

Thursday- Fire Drill, Tier 1 meeting, Volleyball vs Heritage @ Cavazos

Friday- Donut Club, Texas Tech Treble Choir Workshop

Saturday- choir will have a clinic for students wanting to try out for all region choir.

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