Minecraft mobs and creepypastas.

by L.T. hill, note that this all from the computer version


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The first mob is the chicken.
It drops eggs. You don't have to kill the chicken to get eggs,chicken and feathers.

The chicken will run away if you punch it. They don't take fall damage. There the weakest mob in minecraft so its a good thing they have the best source of food. They will also be attacked by ocelots. You breed them with seeds. Chickens are the first bird mob in minecraft.

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Squids are derpy.
Drops ink sac.

Spawn in water. Squids don't have death animation. Squids don't make sounds. You can't attack a squid on it's tentacles.

The Zombie

The zombie comes in lots of forms.
Drops rotten flesh, carrots and pottatos.

The zombie will attack villagers and turn them into either a zombie villager or a baby zombie villager. With command blocks you can make a giant zombie. They also can wear armor and can hold tools. Baby zombies can ride chickens.
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They are one the smallest mobs.
Drops none.

They will come out of silverfish eggs when you mine them. They will spawn in strong holds.
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Kill it beat the game.

Drops dragon egg.

Will be healed by end crystals.


The skeleton will spawn in dark places and will shoot arrows at you. Can pick up armor. They also come in wither skeletons.
Drops wither skull (droped by wither skeletons)bones and arrows.

Wither skeletons will infect you with wither. Wither skeletons have swords.Wither skeletons will shoot arrows that infect you with wither.
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Enderman teleport.
Drops ender pearls.

Will spawn in the end and overworld. Will attack you if you look at them in the eye. They will attack endermites.
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Endermites spawn in the end.
Drops none.

They WILL attack you.
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Snow golems

They have to be built.
Drops snow balls.

You spawn them by stacking to snow blocks vertical then placeing a pumpkin on top. They will shoot snow balls at hostile mobs .Will Die in rain and water.
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Zombie pig man

Spawn in the nether.
Drops gold nuggets.

Will attack you if you attack them so will the ones around them. There's also babies and pigman jockeys. Can not burn.
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Blazes also spawn in the nether.
Drops blaze rods.

Will take a full and half heart damage with snowballs. Will spawn in monster spawners. Will shoot fire balls. Can not burn.
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Slimes spawn in swamps.
Drops slime balls.

They have three sizes big mediem small the small ones wont attack you and will drop slime balls. Mediem and small ones can climb ladders.
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Magma cube

They will spawn in the nether.
Drops magma creme.

They also have three sizes big mediem small. The small ones will attack you and drop the magma creme. Can not burn.
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Also spawn in the nether.
Drops ghast tears and gunpowder.

Cant burn. Shoot exploding fireballs. Fly. You can knock back there fireballs back at them.
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They spawn with black cats.
Drops piotions.

They will drink poitions of water breathing fire resitence and instant healing.


Spawn in water.
Drops fish.

Shoot lasers. They WILL attack you. They will attack squids
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Build it.

Drops nether star.

It shoots wither skulls and heals Its self.

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They spawn in dark ness.

Drops none.

They fly.

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Wither storm.

Its in mine craft story mode.

Drops nether star.

Shoots wither skulls. Will infect you with wither. You have to build it. Will suck you up with lasers.

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He is a glitch.

Drops none.

Info none.

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They blow up

Drops gunpowder

They will run away from cats. They also turn into charged creepers.

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spawn in the end.

Drops are shulker shells.

Will teleport. They shoot things at you to make you fly then fall. When in shield mode they can't be shot with arrows.

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Entity 303

Hates herobrine.

Drops none.

Is a corrupted file.


You can ride them.

Drops none.

You can't control them. Wolves will attack them. They spit. Will follow each other.

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Hates everyone.

Drops none.

He was a mistake trying to make Steve.

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Drops feathers.

Will copy the sounds of other animals and creatures. Can sit on your shoulder. You heal it with seeds and tame it with cookies.

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Doesn't have a spawn egg (at the moment)

Drops none

Will make you blind. Will fire arrows at you. Will make copy's of itself. Only one of the copy's can be hurt. Only one of the copy's can hurt you.

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The lick

Spawns at 3:00am

Drops none

Doesn't like to show his face. Likes to put crosses in the ground. Hunts players by putting them in traps. Hates Herobrine, Entity 303, and null.

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Green steve

Drops unkown.

All is unknown.