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Google Tip #2: Add-ons for Sheets

There are a few recent tweaks (awesome ones might I add) to Google.

First, it’s not a big deal in terms of functionality because these changes do not affect how they work, but Presentations are now called Slides and Spreadsheets are now called sheets. I only mention this so there is no confusion over the switch in terminology. There aren’t new tools, just new, slicker terms for what already existed. It’s similar to the switch from calling Docs to Drive.

Now, for the really AWESOME change! Sheets now have add-ons, just like the add-ons the rolled out for Docs. (I sent out an email about this maybe a month ago.) So what does this mean? You can add a multitude of apps that makes your Sheet more dynamic, similar to what you might find in Microsoft Excell. Once you have downloaded the add-on, you simply need to click once to integrate the app and get it working in your Sheet. One of the most exciting additions is that of Flubaroo. In the past you had to install the script every time you wanted to use it. Now, with the click of a button, it’s there and ready to use. Can I get a what what?!

Some more cool Sheet add-ons are:

  • Gantt Chart Maker (Creates job timeline of multiple tasks--Hey construction trades guys, this is TOTALLY made for you!)

  • Split Names (Splits names automatically into separate columns)

  • Google Analytics (Create custom calculations and more)

  • Merge Values (Combines values horizontally and vertically)

  • Sudoku Maker

These are a great start, but they are making new add-ons everyday.

There was recently a great article from Lifehacker called “How to Make Google Drive Work Like a Desktop Suite.” It addresses these add-ons and gives more suggestions to get the most out of Google. I highly recommend it.