Don't Be Like Narcissus

By, Tavleen.K.B


Narcissism is self-admiration: excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness. You don't want to be narcissistic because most narcissistic people don't consider others feelings or the outcome unless it puts a huge impact on themselves. Narcissistic behavior includes talking about all the problems they have gone through, not accepting compliments unless repeated a few more times, talk about how much money or which latest technology they have, etc.

The Opposite

Not being narcissist is the total opposite of being it. Un-narcissistic behavior includes giving others complements, not showing off what you have, not feeling bad for yourself over silly things, appreciating what you have, doing good for others, taking compliment when told, etc.

How you can Change

Try to make a change by accepting that compliment, don't stare at yourself too long in the mirror, don't showoff what you have in your life, and remember love yourself but, not too much to the point where all you ever think about is yourself.