ISTEP+ Math Prep: Grades 3-4-5

It's a process, not an event!

The Southern Indiana Education Center welcomes back Bob Trammel for a straight-forward, helpful, and practical workshop day focused on Grades 3-5 mathematics. Workshop objectives include:

  • Use details about ISTEP+ Part I …Applied Skills to improve student problem solving skills
  • Make adjustments to Curriculum Map to help students succeed
  • Score student work for applied skill problems
  • Share and use information about what is working in other schools to help students succeed
  • Receive useful resources that are ready for classroom use

Participants will have work-time to process information individually or as a team during the afternoon.

Please plan on joining us on November 7, 2017 for a session designed specifically for grades 3 through 5 math teachers and instructional coaches. See below for more information!

Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 9am-3pm

Southern Indiana Education Center 1102 Tree Lane Drive, Jasper (47546)

This session is limited to 25 participants. Register soon!

*A catered lunch is included in the cost for this workshop day.

*A Professional Growth Certificate worth 6 points will be provided.

*Workshop fee is $140 per participant for ESC members. ($195 non-members)

*Participants should bring a laptop to access online resources.

*See below to complete the embedded registration form.