by Mary Moses

Let's Get Creative!

I'm excited to share my skills and knowledge with whomever desires to learn some self-sustaining, "hands on" projects that are just fun and useful! Below are itemized "ideas" for events we could choose from and they will be FREE as long as you bring your own supplies:

1. Beeswax Day~

Do you know HOW MANY things we can make using beeswax?

Candles, lip balm, lotion, perfume, jewelry, deodorant, make-up!

2. Perfume Day~

Did you know that alcohol-based perfumes give many individuals headaches? Learn to make natural oil perfumes that lasts and fits your personality! Learn to mix perfumes and package them in pretty bottles for gift-giving!

3. Other ideas for Natural Classes~

Deodorants, bath salts, lotion, lip stick or powder!

4. Art Day~

Learn to create easy backgrounds using pastel colors and create SILLOUGHETTE ART that is encouraging and uplifting! We can use glow-in-the-dark paint and glitter to enhance the texture.

5. T-Shirt Day~

Turn a plain/raggedy old t-shirt into a work of art using fabric paint! Did you know you can use glow-in-the-dark fabric paint that lasts even after it has been laundered? We can sew pretty bows, buttons, or patches on to add a magic touch, too!

6. Voice Lesson Day~

Learn the basics of singing professionally! Did you know that pronunciation of your words while singing is super important? Do you know when to take a breath? I teach the basics so you can be more confident! Hey! This would be a good lesson before Christmas Caroling!

7. Giant Lollipop-making Day!

See Video Below:)

8. Pretty Box Design Day!

Michaels has beautiful wooden boxes for $1-$5 each that are AMAZING once we get our creative fingers on them! We can fill the boxes with gifts or poems or notes of inspiration:)

See Pictures and Videos Below for more Ideas and What I Teach:)

Did You Know (again)

You can make natural lip balms out of crayons! mean we shouldn't have to PAY for make-up? Nope. Put your lip balm in a sea shell or acorn cap or old jar...making a product that you really like is so EASY!
Mary Moses National Anthem @ Atlanta Motor Speedway
Giant Lollipops! Most UNIQUE Lollipops in the WORLD!! By Mary Moses & HRMagoo!