Nuclear Fusion - Future of Energy

By: Matthew Bunn

The Future is today

It is February 12, 2020. My name is Matthew Bunn and I work with Better Energy co. a company and lab dedicated to finding a better way to power the world. While working in the lab last month, my team finally had a breakthrough in our research. We have found a way to produce energy by combining atoms together, known as Nuclear Fusion. This discovery can lead to the biggest breakthrough in the history of energy production and can be the clean, reliable, energy alternative that we have been in desperate need for. We need support on a global scale in order to make this a reality, but this step makes everything else possible.

What is Nuclear Fusion?

As I said before, Nuclear Fusion is the combination of atoms in order to produce energy. This is a complicated topic, but it can easily be explained as the opposite of nuclear fission. Nuclear Fission is the splitting of atoms for energy while Nuclear Fusion is the combination of atoms to produce energy. Nuclear Fusion, even though just artificially created recently, has been used by the planet since it's beginning. The Sun uses Nuclear Fusion to produce light and heat energy, and a lot of it. We believe that we can somewhat replicate this, and create a source of energy that can power our planet for many years to come.

Risk and Reward

Like Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion is not something to be taken lightly. Meltdowns and other disasters can occur due to the energy, so it is important to focus on safety. Many will not want this energy to become a reality due to this very reason. But the rewards are worth the risk, and even though this energy is dangerous, it can do so much good for the world, and stop allot of the pollution that is going on now because of the burning of fossil fuels.

Economic / Environmental Impact

Nuclear Fusion has many positive consequences that make it a priority. These include, but are not limited to; providing jobs, providing a massive amount of energy for millions if not billions of people, and helping the environment. Nuclear Fusion produces no air pollution, and can be used as a cleaner energy alternative to burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. This will reduce the amount of pollution in the air, and therefore will be good for the environment. The energy that this can produce will also make a huge impact of the Earth. With amount of energy that Nuclear Fusion can produce, we will be able to live in the future, without the energy limitations that we have today. In other words, Nuclear Fusion is great for the world.