Queen Latifah

Hip Hop/ Rap


Queen Latifah otherwise known as Dana Elaine Owens was born on March 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey. When she was 8 years old she got her nickname Latifah, meaning, "Delicate and Sensative" in Arabic. Latifiah began her singing career in the choir at Shiloh Baptist Church in New Jersey. Her first public preformence was when she sang "Home" in The Wizard of Oz at her school play.

Latifah, did not start rapping untill she was in high school. She would rap and sing in the school bathrooms and even locker rooms. Her first group was called Ladies Fresh, the group made apperances whenever they could. The group then went to get a hangout and a new name, Flavor Unit.

Latifah gained fans and traveld for tours and even stared her own buisness. As time went on many singles and albums reached top charts and in 1995 she won her first Grammy. With all popularity, Latifah stared to act and was in many famous movies, Hairspray, Jungle Fever, and even a voice over in Ice Age. Queen Latifah has been nominated and won many awards throughout the years for her music and movies.


Rise to Fame

The start to her career all stared when James (just started a career in produceing) made a demo of Latifah rapping "Princess of the Posse" and giving it to MTV Raps. A music producer emeaditly signed Latifah, which lead to her first single in 1988.

Top songs

"Ladies First"


"Just Another Day"

"Fly Girl"

"Go Head"

Top Albums

The Dana Owens Album

All Hail the Queen

Black Reign

Order in the Court

Princess Of The Posse

"Princess of the Posse"

S- 2 main vocals, clapping(beat)

H- clapping (beat)

M- 2 main vocals

R- moderate in 4

G- intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chrous, verse 3, verse 4, chorus, verse 5, chorus, verse 6, outro moderate- line Hip Hop/ Rap

Characterisitics of Rap/ Hip Hop

Syncopated drum rhythms

Use of turntables

Synthesizer is common

Unique lyrics


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