LIttle Red Riding Hot

By Keeley and Gabby

Little Red Riding Hood

Grandma was sick so Little Red Riding Hood made bread.

Little Red Hot

Little Red Hot made a pie because Grandma was sick.


  • The wolf dresses up like the Grandma.
  • Both Grandmas were sick
  • They both went to go see Grandma


Little Red Riding Hood

  • The wolf ate the Grandma.
  • Little Red Riding Hood had blond hair.
  • Little Red Riding Hood took Grandma bread.

We liked Little Red Hot more!

We liked Little Red Hot more because , It´s funny and weird. Little Red Hot is always cooking hot stuff. Grandma jumped out of the bed and ran from the wolf when he came in. The wolf decided to go through all of Grandma´s clothes and pretend to be Grandma.
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