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Launched some time ago, Buz.FM is web broadcast development company that offers technology plans for internet broadcast, social media marketing, and marketing. Buz.FM technologies are used to provide media rich social channels that are easy to navigate, embed and share on social networks, blogs and internet sites.

Buz.FM also provides marketing technology that makes sure their clients offerings are branded, media rich, cross-platform compatible, and strategically placed in front of the audience.

Buz FM's core system "", is developed around Buz FM's patent pending digital broadcast and social campaign technology.

Over the just last year, the technology has delivered several thousand broadcasts for many Fortune 500 companies, agencies and small businesses worldwide. The kinds of marketing strategies they utilize and develop seem endless including; Broadcast channels, Internet channels, Media channels, Video channels, Movie channels, TV channels, Marketing channels, Online channels, Social channels, Product channels, Shopping channels, RSS channels and many other adverting channels.

Buz.FM has a unique team of talented USA based software developers, system engineers, sales and support staff. The company is headquartered in Orion, MI, where it occupies a state of the art, 7,200 square foot building. It also has a west coast sales office in Los Angeles, California.

The agency provides Internet-based services and products within the advertising and promotion sectors. Its cloud-based applications deliver a huge number of digital marketing and advertising campaigns to customers in a variety of industries including restaurants, resorts, hotels, auto dealerships and the entertainment industry, and others.

The company is expanding rapidly and hopes to carry on the company's current growth streak by providing the smartest broadcasting applications to customers in a variety of industries including restaurants, resorts, hotels, auto dealerships as well as the entertainment industry, and others.