MS Hybrid Learning Update

From the Principal's Desk

October 16, 2020

Dear Masco Middle Families,

As we move into our hybrid learning model on Monday, I want to thank you, our students and our faculty and staff for their commitment to remote learning over the past four weeks. I am looking forward to welcoming Cohort A into the building on Monday, and Cohort B on Tuesday. For our fully remote learners, I want to remind you that they will begin with the new schedule on Monday as well, meaning that they will follow the same schedule each day beginning at 7:35. I have included a copy of the schedule below and attached it as a pdf for easy printing, should you want it.

I have a few reminders and updates for Monday and Tuesday morning for students coming to the building. Please also refer to my previous email from Wednesday for more specifics:

  • As stated, students in Cohort A will enter the building on Monday and attend classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cohort B will enter the building on Tuesday and attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Essentially, students attend class in the building every other day. Week 2 will be the opposite of week 1 for each cohort, and we continue in that rotation.

  • Fully remote students and hybrid students on their remote days will login to classes beginning at 7:35 each day and follow the schedule.

  • We will keep the same two week rotation for A,C,E and B,D,F classes. Beginning on Monday, all students will switch back to the A,C,E scheduled classes.

  • Parents/guardians and caregivers may not enter the building. Specific procedures for dismissing a student or picking up a sick child are outlined in the Hybrid Learning Student Protocols.

  • We strongly encourage students to make sure that they bring everything they will need for the day. Items may only be dropped off outside the front doors as long as they are labeled and you have communicated with the main office. A staff member will then retrieve the item and inform the student to pick it up in the main office.

  • Please make sure to follow the drop off and pick up procedures in my prior email. Students may only be dropped off on the East side of the building near the football field. This is the same area where the material pick up was held in September.

  • On Monday or Tuesday morning, students will attend their first period class. Please make sure you child knows which class they have first period and we will direct them there on Monday morning.

Again, thanks for your support as we move into the hybrid model next week.

Have a good weekend.

Phil McManus


Philip B. McManus, Ed.D.


Masconomet Middle School

20 Endicott Road

Boxford, MA 01921

978-887-2323 x20016

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