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A newsletter for dairy producers - October 2017

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Steps For Being A Good Ag Borrower

By Fred M Hall, Northwest Iowa Extension Dairy Specialist Iowa State University

For over a month I have been working on the first Siouxland Dairy Lenders Seminar in November and have talked to lots of lenders; most are excited to have this program in their “backyard” and like the idea of getting the most current market updates and perspective from industry leaders. But they also pointed out that as they progress toward annual reviews with borrowers, there are things that dairymen can do before the meeting that help make the annual task move smoother. Continue...
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Finding Characteristics of Successful Dairy Farms

By Jim Salfer, University of Minnesota Extension Educator

Extension educators visit a wide variety of farms, some employing the latest technologies and others making excellent use of existing facilities. From organic or transitioning farms to a goat farm taking advantage of higher milk prices, these farms have very different business strategies. Yet, there are some common characteristics among the most successful businesses. Continue...
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A Look at Today’s Dairy Housing

By Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate

Milk Production: Then & Now

To understand why facilities have changed, we first need to understand the animal that lives in the barn. Cows today are amazing animals and have increased individual milk production compared to the cow our grandparents or parents raised. Cows today are producing three times the amount of milk annually that the average cow produced in 1955! Continue...

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Calendar of Events

NOTE: All event times are listed as CST.

1: Animal Care Wednesday Webinar; 11:00 am. Topic: On-farm assessments – are you meeting packer & consumer expectations? Click here for more information and to join.
2: Transition Cow: Health, Nutrition, and Well-being, Oh My!;
Click here for registration.
2- Siouxland Dairy Lenders Seminar; 9 a.m - 4 p.m.; Forster Community Center, Rock Rapids, IA
13: I-29 Moo University Fall Tour; Click here for details.

6: Animal Care Wednesday Webinar; 11:00 am. Topic: Providing Animal Care During Natural Disasters. Click here for more information and to join.

6 & 7: Quickbooks 101 and 201; Click here for details.

8-12: I-29 Moo University Winter Workshop. Agenda and Registration details coming soon!

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