September 16-20

Mrs. Turner's 2nd Grade - Week 5 News and Objectives


  • We are lucky to have an iPad for each student in 2nd grade to use to extend our learning. To help your child focus and be successful, please send earbuds to school to plug into his/her iPad. They will be put into a ziplock bag with his/her name. *earbuds only, no headphones please.

Weekly Objectives

Weekly Essential: Greeting others

  • When greeting someone, say the person’s name.

  • Make eye contact.

  • Give them a wave, hug, handshake, high five, or fist bump.

Reading and Writing

Reading Focus: We will describe and understand plot elements, including the main events, the conflict, and the resolution, for texts read aloud and independently.

I will listen to a story and understand plot elements, including main events, characters, and problem and solution, so I can become a fluent reader.

Writing Focus: We will plan a first draft by generating ideas for writing such as drawing and brainstorming.

I will develop ideas about a summer activity, so that I can compose a personal experience narrative.

Word Study/Spelling (TEST FRIDAY 9/20)

Closed Syllables with digraphs (ch, ck, ng)

  1. bunch

  2. deck

  3. song

  4. chapstick

  5. chipmunk

  6. bedrock

  7. said

  8. two

  9. they

  10. was


2.11Dx We will use end punctuation, apostrophes in contractions, and commas with items in a series and in dates.

I will use correct end punctuation in a sentence, including a period, exclamation, or question mark, so that I can write a complete sentence.


2.7A We will determine whether a number up to 40 is even or odd using pairings of objects to represent the number

I will recognize numbers based on odd and even and greater than less than clues, so that I can create, organize, and represent mathematical ideas.


2.1A We will identify, describe,

and demonstrate safe practices.

I will explain why safety in science is necessary by creating a list of rules to follow, so that I can develop my science inquiry skills and learn about the world around me!

Dates to Remember

  • This Wednesday 9/18: College Blitz Day
  • This Thursday 9/19: Pay $1 to dress like a Pirate
  • This Friday 9/20 - Elementary Night - Brewer Bear Varsity Football Game - Elementary students get in free with royal blue shirt and adult

*You can also message me via Class Dojo. If you need another invite, please contact me.