What to do When a Tornado Strikes

By Tyler, Shepard and Liam

What are catastrophes?

  • A catastrophic event is a severe event caused by weather, geology, or human cause.
  • They can be very fatal to the environment and to humans.
  • Can destroy infrastructure and level cities.

What is a tornado and what causes it?

  • A funnel shaped cloud that can rip through cities and communities.
  • high wind speeds combine with warm and cold air forming a funnel.

Impact on environment

  • Destroys habitats
  • Crops are destroyed
  • Animals stranded, inured, or killed

Impact on humans

  • Destroys homes
  • Destroys infrastructure
  • Humans can be killed

How do we prepare for this?

  • Get below ground
  • Get to a room in the center of the house without windows
  • Shield your head and crouch
  • Keep a flashlight, radio and a cellphone near you
  • Don't go outside until the coast is clear

Common locations

The midwestern United States is a tornado hotspot because the cold air mixes with the warm air in that area.

interesting facts

  • Tornadoes are caused by the weather.
  • Their are different levels of tornadoes based on their speed.
  • Some tornadoes can be several miles long.
Utah Tornado Sends Debris Flying Across the Road

fundraising plan

  • We are TWISTERS INC.
  • We will set up a raising awareness event so people can know what to do when a tornado hits.
  • We will raise money to help people cope with the destruction when it happens.
  • Join us on November 28, 2016 for a fun-filled afternoon with games, tornado-related activities, burritos, fresh crispy tacos, and chickens. We will be raising awareness for twisters in our community and raising money for these natural disasters when they do happen.


Be prepared and your life will be spared.
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