Brittle Bone Disease - A True Story

By: Sammi McBride

Background on my cousin Ethan

Ethan was born on February 22, 2005. My family knew he would be born with brittle bone disease because my Aunt Ilene had an ultrasound. Aunt Ilene and Uncle Tom asked my parents to watch an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The show helped the family of a boy with OI. After watching the show, my parents were told that my cousin would have OI.
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Meet Ethan

If I can describe my cousin in one word it would have to be inspirational. Ethan works hard every day and has a smile on his face, even though he faces more challenges than others.

These are a few fun facts about Ethan:

Age- 11

School- York Avenue Elementary in North Penn School District

Grade- 5th

Favorite color- red

Hobbies- listening to music & playing on his phone

What does he do in his free time- hang out with friends

Favorite tv show- Fuller House

Favorite movie- The Fault In Our Stars

Instruments he plays-violin , flute, ukulele, & guitar

Favorite trip/ adventure- Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Favorite song- Stressed Out & One Call Away

Inspirational person- Aunt Mar because she does so many things for him and reminds him of what true family means

Favorite music artist- Taylor Swift

Below is a picture of a t-shirt from one of the OI walks that our family participated in. Ethan lived in Massahusetts for the first five years of his life.

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