Kara Kohler


Plickers is a tool that lets teachers collect formative assessment data without the need of students having some sort of device such as an iPad or smartphone. The idea of this is to check and see if your students are understanding the concepts correctly and skills you are trying to teach them.

Why should you use Plickers?

It is an alternative way and new way to use technology in a way to do a formative assessment in the classroom. It helps you get the results of students learning skills in a fast way. You could quiz your students right after teaching a lesson and find out how well you did teaching the concept.
What I like about it is the students shouldn't have to be afraid to share answers because only the teacher will know.



The good thing about Plickers is that it is free. It can be downloaded on your smartphone and iPad or any other device you may use. All you have to do is create an account online and that is where the teacher is able to create his or her questions.

Pedagogical Uses:

Plickers is a tool that can be used for any grade level teacher. I have given pictures below on how to start up with Plickers. There are many ways a teacher might use this app for suck as:
  • You could have each student hold up their cards each morning to take attendance. You will get the results right away of finding out who might be gone that day.
  • Doing a review is the most common or a quick quiz. The process of doing a review game would be the teacher taking questions and putting them into the class questions. Than the students would answer and hold up their cards, this would help by the students having to answer themselves instead of answering out loud with the class, it would make everyone think.
  • The students can use this for their benefit on seeing how well a lesson impacted them. By simply answering yes or no they could hold up their cards and teachers could figure out who understood the lesson and who didn't get it. This would benefit the teacher also on knowing if he or she needs to reteach or move onto the next lesson.

How to begin:

You need to sign up for an account. Once you are signed up you can manage you site however you wish. You are given the opportunity to keep your classes sorted. The cards that will be used are to be printed out for each student.

How to sign up

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How the cards work

Each student will get his or her own card. On the top of each card on every side is very small written an A, B, C, or D. The students will turn their cards to the side of which letter they choose for the question given. The teacher will scan all the students and this is how the results are shown to the teacher.
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What you as the teacher will see after scanning your students cards.

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Plickers is an new way to quiz your students without handing out a piece a paper. It can help teachers and students in many ways! Students should not feel so pressured into taking a quiz and teacher can differentiate their questions for different skill levels.