Fiddler on the Roof Update!

December 11th, 2015

The January Calendar!

We are doing a great job, and have just a few more December it's time for the January Calendar!


Next week we will have the full cast on Monday and Tuesday until 4:00.

We will work on Songs and review the staging of Tradition. We may also stage Sabbath Prayer.

Thursday: We need Tevye, Golde, Yente, Lazar, Chava, Fyedka, Hodel, Perchik, Tzeitel and Motel until 3:45.

Costume Update

Great news! We have been able to connect with SKIT and they are able to rent us costumes for Fiddler again! They say they have plenty.

Expect information in the next few weeks. The rental cost will probably be about $15 and we will need to know your size. Stay tuned!

Also: this is a good time to make sure you have appropriate SHOES for the show.

Shoes must be Black or Brown-- one color only.

Girls can wear character shoes, flats, or lace-ups.

Boys can wear loafers or boots. Note: It would be great if the Russians had boots.

Friendly Reminders

It's very important that you come to your rehearsals, and communicate with us in advance if you are unable to come to any part of a rehearsal. We have needed to change who says a few lines, already, because of missing performers.

It is important that you only speak when it is your speaking time, and only sing when it is your singing time! Some of our sixth graders have needed reminders about this.

Practice your lines! Practice your dances! Practice your songs!!!!

Expect a few Saturday rehearsals in February.