Automotive Engineering

Jacob Stroud

What is an Automotive Engineer and what do they do?

An Automotive Engineer is a person that researches, designs, and develops vehicles for the road. They are the engineers that ensure that you are driving off the dealership lot with a reliable and safe car while also offering good performance. Most of the time they will improve on the vehicle. On an average day, they will spend time sketching and trying to improve on a current design they may have.

What education is needed?

A bachelor's degree is pretty much required. There are not many universities that offer a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering so many students will go into mechanical engineering because automotive engineering is a specialty of mechanical engineering.

The starting salary according to SAEI sits around $72,000.

Why I want to pursue this career

Ever since I can remember, I've always loved cars. I loved learning about all the different types of cars from hybrid road cars to formula one race cars. Like every other young boy though, I was most interested in super cars. When I got into middle school, I started to realize that these cars aren't really the best now and being me, I've been thinking about different ways to improve the cars which is what automotive engineers specialize in.