Unpacking EA2

By: Logan S., Kalil G., and Abby T.


Facts of the news story and interview texts skillfully include who, what, when, where, why, and how.

The intended message is clearly communicated to the audience.

An interview that connects to the report to clarify important ideas on the concept of change for the viewer.

Reflective commentary that examines the larger effects of change.

The broadcast flows smoothly from introduction to conclusion using transitions between parts of the story.

Visual images clearly support the news story.

The news story includes an effective headline that may employ alliteration.

The broadcast presentation is coherent and professional. It displays evidence of collaborative story design, careful planning, and rehearsal.

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The news story and interview texts have an organizational structure that enhances the story and communicates a purpose and focus accurately and efficiently.

An engaging introduction.

And significant facts that provide details from the story.

Carefully selected words enhance the audience's understanding of the intended message.

Extensive evidence reflects the various stages of the writing process.

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