STEAM 6-8 Week #2!

Can you find and decode our hidden messages?

Week #2 is in the books!

After our visits from Escape Room Creators last week, we were inspired to create our own mazes which we designed from cardboard and straws. These mazes were designed to provide specific clues needed to break out of our escape rooms. We can't wait to show these off on our last day, but for now they will remain a secret! Our visitors also helped show us the importance of having themes and story lines to our rooms which we will showcase to our players using an intro video before trying to escape our rooms. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes pictures of our filming and story board process!

This week we also looked into creating secret and disappearing messages using invisible inks, color filters, and even a little chemistry. We also learned methods for using mirrors to make clues and created a periscope. We practiced decoding each others secret messages, and used these strategies to breakout in a Disneyland and digital class breakout.

It has been a week for the books, and our rooms are really coming along! Please click the link below to see additional pictures of our classes this week. For ease, the pictures have been sorted by teacher.

-The 6-8 STEAM Team


Miss Cordero

Miss Formaneck

Miss Lasta