the ringed planet


Saturn: A.K.A."The Ringed Planet"
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Life forms

There is no life on Saturn because of the climate. No life form can withstand the extreme cold temperatures or the storms. Another reason is because of the atmosphere,

there is absolutely no oxygen. Even if there was oxygen there would be no solid land for life to live on. Another reason life cannot exist on Saturn is because of the lack of sunlight.

Saturn discovered

Saturn was fully discovered 1655 by Christiaan Huygens. Huygens discovered that Saturn had rings around it. Actually Galileo Galilei discovered Saturn before Huygens

but he thought that the rings were handles. Saturn has never been landed on by humans because there is no solid land to land a space shuttle on.

Fun Facts!

Did you know? That Saturn is made of 2 gases mixed together, Saturn is 75% hydrogen and 25% helium!

Did you know? That Saturn was named after the roman god of farming and agriculture Cronus!

Did you know? That you could make a ring of nine Earths around the diameter of Saturn!

Did you know? That if you had a body of water big enough and you put Saturn in it Saturn would float!

Did you know? Saturn orbits around the sun very slowly, one year on Saturn is more than 29 years on earth!

Did you Know? Saturn may orbit slowly but revolves very fast, one day on saturn is only 10 hours and 14 minutes!

Did you know? That Saturn has 52 moons, Earth only has one!

Did you know? That if Saturn's largest moon Titan, were to be in orbit around the sun it would be classified as a planet!