The Carolinas

Coming together in the company of good weather

Slavery...we accept it

While other areas in the Americas are using indentured servants and slaves from Africa to fuel their economy, we are doing the same here in South Carolina. Except, we're doing it different. It was written into our constitution and we were the first to introduce it as full fledged and accepted. The slaves were the reason that we flourished as we did.
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It's warm here!

Roughly 75% of the year in South Carolina is fueled by a wonderful climate which allows for much prosperity. Our first settlers found themselves in Charles Town and couldn't believe the semitropical climate. With great climate came fertile soil which allowed plantations and farms to prosper with little to no complications. Of course, we couldn't have done it without our slaves that worked day in an day out making sure things ran smoothly. By the year 1720 our population was dominated by majority blacks and slavery stood at the center of everything. It became our way of life and we didn't know how to survive without it.
all info taken from Of the People
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