Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

By: David Labar

The wonderful story of Sleeping Freshman Never Lie is about a young boy, Scott Hudson, who is just starting High School. He finished his first day to come home and discover that his mom is now pregnant. He then starts to write to his new sibling in a journal entries, trying to give him tips to make it through his or her's freshman year. Will he make it through alive? Better find out.

Remember your freshman year? Or are still your living your Freshman year? Either way compare yours to Scott Hudsons. Better or worse?

The brains behind the book

To the right is the amazing author, David Lubar, of Sleeping Freshman Never Lie. He has many other series and video games he has designed and written. Below is a link with many of his other writings.

"I felt like the guy you see in the beggining of just about every vampire movie- the first victim, who gets stalked during the opening credits."

-David Lubar (as Scott Hudson in Sleeping Freshman Never Lie)

David Lubar's Achievements

  • Has written 21 outstanding books for Young Adults
  • Programmed these video games Home Alone for the GameBoy, and Fantastic Voyage and River Raid II for the Atari 2600. And also Carmen Sandiego, two versions of Shanghai, and two versions of Ultima.
  • He also writes magazine articles for a few magazines that include,YOYA and YA Books.
  • He has written a few short stories called Ribbing Tales, Lost and Found and Shattered, until he figured out that writing novels for young adults was his passion.

Is this how you feel about your high school experience?

It will get better!

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This book has been a big hit! If you haven't read it yet it's not too late! Join the other young adults and read the amazing book!


Student-made book trailer: "Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie"