NJHS Quarterly Committees

More help is needed! Not everyone has signed up!

All 8th graders need to sign up for one Quarterly Committee

1st Quarter: Craig/Parker Closet 4 more needed

2nd Quarter: Wilson School Breakfast 1 more needed

3rd Quarter: Lutheran World Relief Health Kits 0 needed, we're good here! Thanks!

4th Quarter: Soap for local homeless shelters 1 more needed

You will be the core group to get the new 7th graders involved. This is work that can be done at school and on your home computer.

What needs to be done?

--Posters/flyers to put up around school and church-several can do this. Keep them simple! People won't read a "novel." People should 'get it' with just a glance!

--Write information to go into Principal's Pad, Opportunities, News N Notes, and to be read before church services. A couple members can work on this together, hopefully include a 7th grader or two. Remember Who? What? When? When? Where? Why? Not literally! Just makes sure you can answer all these questions when reading/listening to your information.

--4 people to read announcement before church services (Thurs. eve., Sat. eve., 8:00, 10:30)

--Put up boxes and check them often. Boxes may be decorated/wrapped. Put a sign on boxes so people know what they are for. You can make your own sign or use one of the above posters/flyers. Keep it simple!

You will not be working alone. We have 21 new 7th graders joining us soon!!!!!!!

Sign up by Room 204 this week!!