SSR Project #1: 13 Reasons Why

Joey Bernardini p.4 SSR Squad

289 total pages

Why I Read This Book

I read this book because it was one of the book talk books and seemed like a good read. It wasn't hard to read and quickly got you into the story.

Life or Death Read

In a life or death situation I don't think I would like to have this book be my last. It wasn't a very happy book and towards the ending, it leaves you depressed and sad rather than happy and inspired. Also, the ending doesn't sufficiently bring closure to the book.

3 Things I Loved About the Book

  • It quickly brings you into the story and captures your attention. Some books take a while to get into the story which makes it hard to get into and enjoy.
  • It took place in a relatable setting which made the story seem more realistic. I feel that when a story takes place in a relevant setting then it becomes much more interesting especially if you can relate to the situation.
  • It was a good, quick read. Some books can drag on which can make you lose interest and not finish. This book was to the point and fun to read.

2 Things I Didn't Like

  • The ending wasn't as good as I liked. It didn't bring great closure to the entire book.
  • The way the stories were split up sometimes got confusing. I forgot who was on which tape and what they were all specifically about. The numbers on the tapes became confusing.

1 Connection I Made

I think the biggest connection I made with the book as well as many other readers my age is being able to listen to what Clay and what he was going through at his high school and relate to it.

Favorite Quote

On page 7 Hannah says, "A lot of you cared, just not enough." I like this quote because everyone can relate to a time when you really cared about something and either a group of people, teammates, or friends didn't care as much as you and what you wanted didn't get accomplished as you wanted.


I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for a good quick read. It is a good overall story but doesn't end very happy. If you like more gloomy stories you would definitely like this one.

What do we learn about humanity and the ways of people by reading your book?

After reading this book I learned that what you do can really effect a persons life. Little things like saying hi to someone when you see them can make their whole day better. Also little things like making a joke about them can really hurt them. People can build up pain and hurt and it can all be released at once. The more good you do in other peoples life's can really go far even if you don't realize it.


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